Monday, October 5, 2009

Yoshinoya – the best beef bowl in the world!


A care package arrived this morning from Japan, but this was not just any old care package it contained packets of Yoshinoya’s gyu-don (beef topping and sauce to go on rice).  The those of you who’ve never been to Yoshinoya, its a classic of Japanese fast food.  Founded in 1899 its now a normal site throughout Japan and sells cheap tasty gyu-don (beef bowls) that really is quite wonderful

I heard Yoshinoya had now started selling packets of their food so you can have it at home, even if home is thousands of miles away from the nearest restaurant. 

P8110163 (2)

What an easy dinner…pop the rice in the Cook Japan rice cooker, the packet into boiling water then when both are done empty the beef and sauce onto the rice. 

It doesn’t get any simpler, just add a sprinkling of shichimi (Japanese chillil powder) and…

P8110163 (2)v2

I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed eating this and how much I resented having to give some to the kids – ha ha!


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