Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The best things in life are free…fresh caught mackerel

Sometimes its the simplest freshest dishes that are best.  Yes, we all love the fun of complicated recipes that “hopefully” taste great and wow are friends, but as well know you can’t go wrong with good fresh ingredients…

…so what could be better than a freshly mackerel!


This poor little fella had only just been caught an hour or two previously, and boy did he taste nice.

Mackerel is a real family favourite in our house, saba-zushi (mackerel sushi) is a huge fave of mine.  I’d have loved to do that (although one of his friends did end of being eaten raw which was fabulous), but instead opted for popping the fish (having already gutted it) under a very hot grill until the skin starts to blacken and crisp (don’t waste mackerel skin its super tasty and definitely part of the enjoyment of the meal.

Once the skin has blistered, flip the mackerel open and lift out the bones in one easy movement and then just pour over a little soy sauce, and if you have it to hand also some grated daikon (radish).  Lovely simple fresh tastes that don’t need anything more complicated…


To make the meal complete all it needed was a bowl of hot steaming rice from the Cook Japan rice cooker, miso soup and a nice cold beer…what could be better?

rice umeboshi  P8080142


Fresh Local and Best said...

Nice catch!

Alessandro Guerani said...

Here in Italy more and more people like to et sushi. I guess a recipe like this would make them really happy ;)
Gret one and very easy to preprare.

lishapisa said...

love mackeral! rich and oily mmmm
of course the skin is a bonus, thank you for this..

Üdo Ümami said...

I help you to beat your sister in the blog follow contest! (sorry sister!) Come follow me- I will add you to my blogroll! XoxoX <3 Udo