Friday, October 23, 2009

Cook Japan TV

Not only do we have some great products at Cook Japan so you can have fun in the kitchen and some lovely recipes on the blog, plus an expanding section on the shop, but we are now launching Cook Japan TV


…in addition to our own videos highlighting our appliances and recipes, we also have an ever growing content of some truly great food demonstrations and programmes.

You can watch a true takoyaki master at work, see demonstrations of all our appliances and we have also sourced some fabulous Japanese and Korean recipes – all of which make cooking great food incredibly simple and straightforward.

For sushi lovers, we also have the brilliant sushi episode of Ryori no Tetsujin (Iron Chef) - a superb cooking programme.

So have fun and we hope you enjoy Cook Japan TV – we are constantly adding more great content that we know you’ll love so “subscribe” to Cook Japan TV and stay up to date!

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sushi stu said...

Liking the new TV Channel!