Monday, October 12, 2009

Sausage and Lentils (in the rice cooker)

If you’ve had chance to see my recent blog on our weekend in Paris, you may have noticed Saturday’s wonderful lunch which included sausages and lentils – a wonderfully simple dish that was incredibly tasty.
Half-way though the meal I couldn’t help but turn to my wife and declare, “I bet you could cook lentils in the rice cooker”, so as soon as we got home and with few groceries to choose from we dug out the lentils from the cupboard, along with some stock, a bit of spice and several chunks of dried sausage…
…the ultimate plan is to get it looking something like this…
P8160043  P8160040
…and I will get there, especially after I hit the Brighton Sausage Company on Saturday for some good quality bangers and get the “right” sort of lentils.
Tonight was just a trial run to check the concept and see whether it would get filed away under “hair brained schemes” or whether it was an idea that might actually for all its craziness, actually work…
…and it does.
Green lentils (all the cupboards had to offer), water, stock, spice and sausage all got put in the Cook Japan rice cooker which we experimented with cooking on the “Porridge/Soup” option, it still needs a bit of fine-tuning, but by jolly it works…
…will keep you posted on how this develops, but lentils in the rice cooker is a definite option for all your lentil lovers out there.
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