Monday, November 23, 2009

Rice Cooker Beef Stew

Thankfully Mrs Cook Japan is over last weeks cold, but as the weather stays cold and miserable she still has a desire for hearty meals to keep the cold from the door.  Working from home this afternoon, the smell of meat browning was wafting upstairs along with the sound of onions frying.  As I left to pick up Cook Japan Jnr. from school, she was putting the finishing ingredients into the rice cooker for beef stew…
The onions and meat were both braised in the rice cooker and then in good stew fashion into went the vegetables, water, seasoning and whatever goodies she popped in for flavour.  The whole shebang was then cooked using the “slow cook” function and then left on key warm until dinner time – what could be easier? Just leave it to one side and let the rice cooker work its magic…
On a cold day like today, it was the perfect warming meal…full of flavour, tender meat, and as the eagle-eyed readers may have noticed, some rice on the side. 
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