Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A wonderful hot bowl of porridge…

…blimey it was cold this morning, not that we had much of a summer but it seems autumn is fast coming upon us now.

Forced my tired limbs out on to the streets in the early hours for a heavy-legged 5km run (which I could say it was fast and furious), but plodding is probably the best I can hope for…

…got home and wanted a bowl of porridge to warm the bones and give me the energy for the rest of the day I was so obviously missing

So popped the oats and milk (1:2.5 ratio) into the Cook Japan rice cooker, along with a drop of vanilla essence, put it onto “porridge” function end hit START.  Went upstairs for a shower and to get changed, came back down a little over 10-minutes later and the porridge was cooked and sitting on “keep warm”.
Gave it a swirl of maple syrup and a dash of nutmeg and…

…it was lovely

better still, the cooking bowl was a dream to clean…not elbow grease to clean out the usual congealed bits from a saucepan and no need to sit there constantly stirring it either.  Simple and really yummy breakfast.

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arkonite_babe said...

Maple syrup and porridge, yummy! I'll try that next week for brekkie!