Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New Cook Japan Website goes live…

The new website for Cook Japan as just gone live, check out www.cookjapan.co.uk
Cook Japan™ is a shop and community set up to help you find some of the key tools you need to make great Japanese, and other Asian, food.

One of the biggest problems for lovers of Japanese and Asian food is being able to make perfect rice at the drop of a hat.  Finding high performance rice cookers in Europe like we have at home is extremely difficult and more often than not nigh on impossible.

Cook Japan rice cookers have all the functionality and technology you would expect from a Japanese rice cooker.  We want to make it easy and affordable for you to find and buy top quality micro-computer controlled rice cookers utilising state of the art fuzzy logic and induction heating (IH).  We'll also bring you great recipes and an increasing range of other Japanese cookware.

We are sure you'll have great fun and make great food with your Cook Japan rice cooker.

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